Why your Business Needs a Virtual Office

We all know that the term ‘virtual’ means something that is not tangible, and a virtual office is actually a prestigious office address in the CBD area of town that will receive mail and phone calls on your behalf. The benefits of this type of service are indeed many and includes the fact that your registered business address is in the right part of the city, where every company would love to be, and with mail forwarded to your chosen address and phone calls either forwarded to your mobile number or answered by a virtual receptionist, you can always be sure that you don’t miss a business opportunity.

I Don’t Need an Office

So many small businesses think they have no need for an expensive office, after all, they give out their mobile number to customers, yet we are not always in a position to answer a call and it could be from a potentially big client. While it might be true that your business can do without the huge expense of renting a plush office, there are benefits if your business is registered in a nice part of the city. You are certainly projecting a successful image with a CBD business address, and some people only want to do business with successful companies, and not having an office could cause a potential client to look elsewhere. There are, for example, affordable serviced offices in North Shore, where you can either rent office space or simply create a virtual office address, which, for many small enterprises, that is all that is required.

Virtual Receptionists

Of course, we would all like to be able to afford our very own company receptionist, to answer all incoming calls and pass on important messages, yet you can have this at a fraction of the cost of directly employing a qualified receptionist. The receptionist would be remotely located at the provider’s call centre, plus they would be fully briefed on your company and what they do, and with up-to-date information, the receptionist can answer callers’ questions with some confidence. If, at any time, your information changes, a single call is all it takes to update the virtual receptionist, so you never have to worry about such things.

Exploring Every Business Opportunity

Opportunities come and go and we never know when a potentially huge client might make contact. Imagine what would happen if that all-important introductory call was missed? It is unlikely the customer would try again, instead they would move on to the next company on their list. By appointing a skilled receptionist to monitor your incoming calls, you can rest assured that every single call will be answered, and this allows you to focus on other areas of the business.

Projecting a Successful Image

Having a prestigious business address sends out the right message to both clients and those who contact you for any reason, and the service is very affordable and won’t eat away at your budget. When people call, they will be met with a professional voice and whatever the reason for the call, the virtual receptionist provides an efficient and courteous service.

If you had never really thought about setting up a virtual office, perhaps now is the time to look into it and ensure that your business is always professionally represented.