Why People Hate Website Builders?

There could be a few good website builders available, but know that not all website builders are perfect. They may bear the best templates ever, but they could fall short in what you actually need in a website. Here are the reasons why they are not much preferred when it comes to website design Singapore.

  1. They are slow

They promise efficiency, but know that you can also build a professional website in a matter of minutes. Website builders are slow because they have a lot of code. This additional data calls out to be sorted as it bogs down the browsers. Then hosting is involved where people make the most of it. Sluggish load times tend to cause loss of leads and determine your Google site ranking as well.

  1. They have limited CMSs.

If you want a website that has a blog and sells your product then website builders can do that for you. But the more you explore, you will realize the limitations as well. When it comes to changing the structure content or layout, it becomes tricky.

  1. They push ads

Advertising is the best way for media companies to stay in the market. So, website builders tend to push ad to boost their revenue. But, know that ads are distracting and frustrating and they don’t emphasize on the user at all.